Commissioned Word Painting By Kerri Rosenthal – KERRI ROSENTHAL

Commissioned Word Painting By Kerri Rosenthal


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30 x 40
36 x 48
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30 x 30
36 x 36
40 x 40
48 x 48
60 x 60
54 W x 44 H

Once you Kerri accepts your commission and you purchase it, we will get back to you with an estimated painting date range. About 1 week prior to painting start date,  we would schedule a call with Kerri so that she can get all the details you are wishing for your painting. In the meanwhile, you should send emails of pics and any details you are thinking of for you piece. 

  • Complimentary shipping 
  • Original Commissioned artwork
  • Stretched canvas 
  • Available to commission in multiple sizes 
  • Custom sizes are possible, email below. 
  • Signed, titled and dated 
  • Certificate of Authenticity will be sent along with the artwork 

To learn more about Kerri's commission process, please email