Ships Ahoy Girl

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Kerri has collaborated with the Italian artist, Marco Ferrini to create these special sculptured ladies, each based on a different painting.  There is a recess to hold your glasses or cards but they are (on their own ) beautiful, one of a kind sculptures. Each one is slightly different in her own way and as always Kerri's positive messaging is clear. 

Marco: “My work with Kerri gave me the opportunity to experiment with new colors and techniques for applying those colors - an explosion of colors that mix art and poetry perfectly, to say the very least. I was struck by the immediacy of joy, sweetness and cheerfulness expressed in Kerri’s selection of color-variety and by her clear, purposeful and unique messages. Kerri’s creativity fits perfectly with the personalities of my SPECTACLES and that is why I am doubly excited and grateful for this collaboration”.

 Ships Ahoy Girl loves to travel, especially on the sea. Taken from Kerri's Ships Ahoy original painting. 

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  • Limited editions of 8 each - each one is one of a kind - with tiny special features 
  • Made in Italy 
  • Dimensions  8-9" H x 6" W