Retail Internship

These are dive right in positions, that will give our interns direct experience in each of these departments. They will have the opportunity to learn, hands on.  Our interns must have the best work ethic, a wanting to learn, a self-starter, ability to trouble shoot, great team player, stop drop and roll attitude to help others in other departments and most of all. 


Retail Intern

Must have a passion for Art, Home, Clothing and Styling 



Flexible, adaptable and the ability to pivot quickly 


Below are examples of tasks / areas to be exposed to: 

  • Assist with floor moves, setting new product
  • Shadowing on the sales floor, putting away merchandise from clients
  • Assist with packaging product for sales, or for Trade clients
  • Assist with receiving/sending out transfers
  • Sidewalk Sale Support (must be available weekend of 6/23-6/25

(Must be available weekends & holidays)