KR x Bloomingdale's Aqua Collaboration


What was the inspiration behind your painting for Bloomingdales??

The painting is titled, Super Duper Best Store In The World. There was so much inspiration for this painting, I could have used a canvas 5X the size! All of the icons and words are almost synonymous for Bloomingdales, from The Big Brown Bag to Forty Carrots and everything in between. The checkerboard was the launch pad for everything else to be built.

How long did it take you to paint?

This painting took about 3 solid weeks, start to finish. To build a painting with such depth is to go back repeatedly with layers, upon layers, upon messy layers. That takes time. Then there is what I call the “white space of painting”, which for me is sitting back and looking at it with fresh eyes on different days and in different lighting. That’s when I know where I am with it. My heart always leads me in the right direction and tells me when a painting is complete. I get that falling in love feeling and then I know that this is the one.

How many hidden icons can be found in your painting that are NYC or Bloomingdales related?

Hmm that’s a tricky- first time I counted it was 12 and when I went back, I found 15!

What excited you personally about collaborating with Bloomingdales?

My art is very personal and when brands come to me to collaborate, the collaboration must feel authentic to me. Bloomingdales is a store I grew up going to. Every year we would go back to school shopping with my mom, Aunt and cousins and it was a moment I looked forward to every single year. That is why I said YES to the collaboration. It touched my heart strings and so it felt very natural to me.

Do you have a favorite piece or motif in the collection? What/ why?

I kind of love the checker cab - I added a portrait of me - “Insta Girl” sitting inside the cab holding… a Big Brown Bag, of course. I smiled from ear to ear while creating it and every time I look to find it, I smile again 😉 

Who will you be gifting a few of these pieces this holiday and why?

All the girls in my family, including my daughters Ali and Emma, who are flipping out over the collection. My nieces who are all young teens are also wanting and loving everything. It will be hard to choose as I am truly head over heels in love with every single piece. 

Is there a particular piece you will be gifting yourself?

So hard to pick a favorite as I could never have a piece in this collection that I am not wholeheartedly in love with, BUT I am absolutely crazy for the cropped tweed jacket with metallic details, gold buttons and the happiest of embellishments. It’s super chic, super sophisticated and not too serious, and that’s the perfect mix for me!