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WHAT IF YOU COULD PUT UP WALLPAPER IN 5 MINUTES FLAT? Read the article in Architectural Digest

We were recently featured in Architectural Digest, link HERE 

This feature is about our paperless wallpaper. I will tell you how I came up with it. I had a client and we were about to do their very large playroom. They are a cute young family who had just moved from NYC to Westport. The mom wanted a room that could be as cool for the adults as it is for the kids to hang in.  She had her heart set on classic wallpaper but the the amount needed did not make budget sense. She loved one of my wallpapers called Splat.. So we cut the splat out of the paper and out came Paperless Wallpaper.  She got the wallpaper without the paper. Saved money and trees all at the same time!


Heres how to pull together a look with a pack of Paperless and a bunch of pillows: 

Paperless Directions:

Close your eyes

Peel and stick you Paperless on your walls

Now open your eyes

and do the happy dance.


Because you just created magic


Kerri 💛