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Photo courtesy of: Amy Hirsch Interiors 

I love seeing my work through different view points. It helps me open up as an artist and moves me in new directions. Each designer has put their own magical vibe on my photograph, Love Will Find. Amy Hirsch hung it in her clients music room and Calla McNamara hung it over a bed in this teen's room.  Each vibe is so vastly different, yet they both make me smile.  



            Photo courtesy of: Calla McNamara Interiors 

I shot this photograph from an Uber in the West Village in New York City. 
We were stopped in traffic and as I looked out my window, I immediately saw this most perfectly imperfect city scape. 

 Kerri Rosenthal Interiors

Construction, graffiti and of course a phone booth were all together in one perfect NYC moment.  I reached for my camera, sweating that the light would change too quickly, and this most perfect picture would be lost in my memory. Just as the light was about to to turn green,  I captured this photo.  When I got  home that night and looked at it on the big screen, I realized what I did not see when scrambling to shoot it...Keith Richards!   Keith billboards were proudly standing in the background of my photo. My son and husband are guitar players and music enthusiasts (The Rolling  Stones is always blasting in my house, in particularly). I felt like I won the Million Dollar Lottery with this one!

Love Will Alway Find The Way.